Shopping guide and TIPs for overseas customers.


If you are a retailer please contact us via e-mail


English or other languages versions of our online store is available by using Google Translation. It is not super accurate but we believe it’s “ok” translation. Please click below link for some of the google-translated versions of our website.




If you have any questions, please feel free to ask at any time by e-mail (


Some Restrictions

Please note that some items are only available for domestic sale and therefore cannot be shipped outside of Japan due to our agreement with suppliers. There is a note on product page of those items.

How to Purchase

Currently Tsumugiya does not provide our own international shipping service. There are, however, two ways for overseas customers to purchase our items and send it to your home address i.e. (a) using our "native" shopping cart and arrange transfer services such as (external link) or (external link) by yourself, or (b) using the Worldshopping service (explained in detail below).

(a) Use our "native" shopping cart system.

If you use “transfer services” such as (external link), (external link), etc for your international shipping, you can use our "native" shopping cart and purchase items. Tsumugiya will send purchased items to the designated address by those transfer services in Japan. Transfer companies then transfer merchants to your home address. Please note that the terms and conditions of each transfer services provider will apply for international shipping. Tsumugi-ya will only send the merchandise to a disignated address in Japan and our terms and conditions will apply to the domestic delivery only.

screenshot image of the native shopping cart


(b) Use “WorldShopping” shopping cart

Currently our native shopping cart can only be displayed in Japanese due to system restriction. Therefore, if you cannot read/write in Japanese please use this option instead. WorldShopping is a shopping agency service who purchases our items on your behalf and delivers it to you. If you access from overseas WorldShopping shopping cart pops up automatically in English or in Chinese. When you purchase our items via WorldShopping shopping cart, WorldShopping then purchases our items on your behalf and delivers to you.

screenshot image of worldshopping cart


Detailed user guide for WorldShopping is provided from Please visit their website for detailed purchase guide (English / 簡体中文 / 繁體中文). Please note that the terms and conditions of WorldShopping will apply for your shopping.